Wednesday, January 12, 2005

You Website as a Living Room

This site will, interestingly enough, take any website and parse the elements into the various parts of a mock living room. I tried it with mine and it came out interestingly enough. One of the wall hangings was the Doom III image below, which was funny. One thing I must warn you about before you check this site out--it is a freakin' resource hog and is written in flash. On my 3 Ghz machine with 1 GB of RAM, it was still eating up about 80% of my cpu cycles for as long as the site was open. Even when the site wasn't doing anything it was eating that much cpu. Whoever designed the thing should work on doing some optimization to the app.

Just to see how an older computer would work with the site, I had my 500 Mhz Celeron laptop with 512 MB of RAM load the site up. It took forever to parse any site I gave it and trying to navigate through the virtual room was a chore. Yeah, so this site definitely needs some optimizing, but it's still an interesting little diversion.

Hmm... I just noticed it's version 2.5. I can't imagine how crappy the previous couple of versions must have been...

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