Monday, February 07, 2005

Comics and How to Get Arrested

I was reading over at Peter David's site about the latest CBLDF case where a comics retailor was arrested on two different counts--distributing obscene material to a minor and distributing material depicting nudity. Read up on the story in David's post as he describes it much better than I.

This is unbelievably stupid for more than a few reasons. The first, and biggest in my mind, is the simple idiocy of it all. A retailor is arrested for distributing a comic book that depicts a naked Picasso. He's not doing anything sexual, he is simply portrayed naked in the comic book. For distributing this story to a minor, he was arrested. Yet this same retailor can distribute to the same kid the latest issue of the Punisher where he's graphically blowing the shit out of people. It's ok for a kid to read about that, but as soon as there's a boob or a penis on the pages, you're in trouble.

The law and our governmental administrators really need to get their priorities straight. Pictures (non sexual) of a naked guy are bad. People getting shot in the face and having the shooter make smart ass remarks about it is ok. This doesn't seem right to me. And people wonder why Europeans think we're all so odd over here.

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