Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Commentary

I'm going to assume everyone watched the game. If you didn't... what the hell is wrong with you? Considering watching the game was some of the only relaxing time I had this weekend, I was extra critical of it entertaining me. Much of the weekend was spent rearranging stuff in our basement so we could carpet, painting my brother's room, and getting all the comics I've left just sitting around in our addition put away so we can start cramming as much stuff as we can in there. The biggest problem about carpeting a huge living room that you've been using to store stuff that's been moved out of other room's that needed to be carpeted is that you eventually have to move all of that stuff out of there to somewhere else. Anyhow, Super Bowl.

I started watching at about 5 or 5:15 just to see what they had on right before the game. About the time I turned it on they were doing some singing performance or other crap like that which didn't interest me at all so I went to grab something to drink and some snacks (Red Bull and Gummi Worms). When I got back a 15 minute military tribute had started. Is it just me, or was the whole military tribute thing unnecessary?

See, I usually try to keep my sports and my reverence for big events where lots of people died separate. If I wanted to recognize the troops of many of our nation's past wars, I'd go pop in a documentary or turn on the History channel or something of that nature. I wouldn't turn on a football game. To me using the anniversary of WWII seemed like a very transparent way of doing some type of tribute that makes it seem like we're doing the world a favor by what we did in Iraq. I'm sure it's a little bit of a better place now... I hope, but the way we went about it and how we executed our follow-up plan has felt like a really morbid joke to me, and this pre-game presentation seemed like a part of the punchline.

So after we're finished with our military propaganda... err, tribute, we get the national anthem which I thought was very well done. I like it much better when an ensemble of people sing it as opposed to a single person. It feels more professional and is less likely to be screwed up.

Next we had the coin flip, which was awesome for one reason--the coin never really flipped. The way that the kid tossed it up into the air was hilarious in that he did it in just the right way that it stayed parallel to the ground almost the entire time it was in the air.

As for the game, I thought it was decently entertaining. The first quarter was pretty boring in that neither offense could really muster much of anything, but I'd rather have that than having one team simply run away with the game. One thing that I would really liked to have seen, though, was TO just getting smashed a few times. I don't think I've ever disliked a professional athlete as much as I hate that cocky bastard. Someone should have given him a good, hard hit at the knees and really put some pressure on that ankle of his. I know it's terrible to wish injury on somebody, but he is truly a douchebomber if I've ever seen one.

The halftime show was ludicrously lame. I never really thought about how lame McCartney's songs were before the halftime show. Since we don't have cable there wasn't anything good to channel surf to so I just watched it while I made some supper. His song about a car... man, I was writing lyrics better than that in 3rd grade. Really, I don't understand how he got so famous... oh, he was in that Beatles band wasn't he? I forgot for a moment. He should have hung it up after the Beatles were finished because everything he's done since has been pretty atrocious. At least his rendition of "Hey Jude" wasn't too bad. All in all, the halftime show gets a thumbs down for the sheer amount of boredom it caused me.

The advertisements, though, now there is why most people tune in. There were some decent ones this year. Here are a few that I liked:

--All of the advertisements with the monkeys. Who doesn't love monkies? I think every good commercial needs a monkey in it.
--The FedEx commercial detailing the 10 things needed to make a successful commercial. Any time you can work the words "groin kick" into an ad, you're money.
--The "don't judge too quickly" ad with the man holding the cat and the knife over the pool of spaghetti sauce was easily my favorite of the night. I was actually laughing out loud at it after it was over.

The following commercials were totally lame and a waste of good money:

--The preview for The Pacifier. A tip for Vin Diesel: stick to action movies where all you have to do is look gruff and hit people.
--The preview for XXX 2. Ice Cube as the new XXX? As if the first with Diesel wasn't bad enough. As for Samuel Jackson still being attached to the project? Man he gets himself into some real crappy flicks.
--The Mastercard commercial with the Marvel superheroes was pretty lame. I was expecting either a super campy spot or something seriously awesome. Turns out it was neither and because of that it was an utter failure. Way to whore out your properties even more, Marvel.

As for the rest, none really stick out in my mind a day after the event. I wanted to stay up and watch the new Simpsons episode and American Dad after the game, but I had reached my tv limit after watching the four hours the game went on for. So, in comparison to the last few Super Bowls, this one was pretty good. I was satisfied. Now if only the Vikings could ever get there... but that's kind of like asking for logical governmental decisions from our current president.

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