Thursday, February 24, 2005

God's Ultimate Punishment

There is one thing that I would only wish upon my worst enemy, and they most definitely would have to be one of my worst enemies, not just some guy that cut me off in traffic or something, and that one thing is a migraine. Migraines are the only things in my life that have ever made me want to just stop existing. The combination of throbbing pain throughout my head, stabbing pain behind my eyeballs, a lack of energy, the overwhelming feeling of nausea (in many cases actually causing me to vomit), and the inability to make it go away add up to one of the worst human experiences imaginable. Well, imaginable for me at least. I'm sure there's a lot worse stuff out there to go through, but in what I've experienced in my lifetime, a migraine is the epitome of unreal pain.

I bring this topic up because before last week I hadn't had a migraine since the beginning of summer when I was getting exertion migraines. Now, in a week's time I've had two again--last Friday and this morning. Today's just decimated me in how fast it came on. I got to work at 8 feeling just fine, but shortly thereafter a headache started kicking in and by a little after 10, I was ready to throw myself into oncoming traffic. A 2 hour respite in my silent, darkened room, before hopping back on the laptop for some work at home action, helped alleviate the intensity of the migraine, but when I get one it usually lasts all day in one shape or form.

I don't know why I've gotten these last two. The ones I was having over summer were caused by a combination of a shoulder injury and overexercise before healing up. I don't have an injury now and since I am just getting over being sick I sure haven't been exercising a lot. I'm starting to wonder if I did something to get God angry at me... or maybe He just randomly picked me to smite because he was bored. Who knows? I, a puny human, sure don't know what the big guy in the sky does with his time or why things happen to us. I wish I did know, but I suppose I'll have to wait until I kick over the ol' bucket before I can ask him why things are how they are.

In conclusion, migraines suck balls and there are only a few people I would ever wish suffered from them... one of them being our current president (I haven't jabbed Bush in a while, and seems to be deserving of some hardcore head punishment).

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