Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm Beat

Man, yesterday was a long day of work, then I went to the Twin Cities to catch the Sno-Core tour as it came through town in order to write up a concert review for Decoy, now today I have another long day of work... and I'm sick. Dammit. At least I'm not writing for work right now--it's back to photoshopping screen mockups for requirements.

Anyhow, I was at Sno-Core yesterday and it was a sold out show. I'll post a full review later, but here are some preliminary comments about the show:

--Too many teenie boppers coming to see the crappiest band on the tour, Crossfade.
--Sold out show meant long line in cold, not good for my cold.
--Missed Strata because The Quest is so slow at getting people in. This left Rick pissed off.
--Future Leaders of the World are at their best when the singer wasn't singing (thank God that the sound crew was full of idiots and turned his mic off for a song).
--Did I mention the sound crew for the show were atrociously bad? Well, they were.
--The show was way behind schedule.
--Crossfade got the biggest reaction from all the little kids there.
--Crossfade sucks live. Someone should tell them that wannabe DJ's went out of style with Limp Bizkit.
--Crossfade used recorded guitars for one song. Learn to actually play your instruments.
--Helmet rocks my face off so hard it's sitting on the floor looking back at me.
--I think only 5 people total knew who the hell Helmet were.
--Helmet played a lot of old songs, which rocks my face off even more.
--Chevelle has the thickest, meatiest sound I've ever heard to come from a three piece.
--Chevelle's songs translate great to a live environment.
--Chevelle also played a lot of songs from their previous disc (unfortunately none from their debut, but I'll let it go), which made my night.
--Suffocation was playing next door and I wish I was over there watching them during Crossfade and Future Leaders.
--Helmet and Chevelle are worth the money.
--All the smoke in the venue made my cold even worse.
--Not getting home until 1:00 and then getting up early for work also didn't help my cold.
--Still worth it.

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