Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clarity Process - Killing the Presedent CD Review

What really stands out about Clarity Process’s latest album, Killing the Precedent, is that it doesn’t feel like all of the other albums being put out. There’s no screaming, there’s no pounding breakdowns, there’s no catchy hooks, and there’s also nothing wrong with that. It’s quite refreshing to listen to a collection of songs not overcome by the trappings that ensnare so many modern bands trying to be the next big thing. Each and every song on this disc is an amazing piece of work, showcasing the abounding talent that this band possesses.

It would be easy to simply classify Clarity Process as another post-hardcore band, but they possess so much more than the average post-hardcore band, most notably the technical prowess of the guitar work. The complicated and intricate pieces put on display throughout this release make recent post-hardcore efforts look juvenile in comparison. When not showcasing their ability to pull off engaging riffing, you’ll be treated to a distorted, thick guitar sound that serves to give each song body and form.

As for the rhythm section of the band, they don’t just hang out in the background doing nothing while the guitarist and vocalist go to work. No, instead to each song they add a fullness and thickness that perfectly complements the intricacies of the guitar work. In addition to a more than competent rhythm section, the slight use of keyboards on a few of the songs really adds an extra layer to the band. The keys are not very prevalent and never take center stage, but you can easily feel the positive addition that they have made to the band.

Lastly, we come to the vocals. No longer will you hear needless screams, as was evident on their previous release. They have been replaced with a healthy dose of commanding, melodic vocals, showing that there is more to making an emotional song than simply screaming really loudly. The vocals are not excessively melodic, however, as Steve’s voice possesses a hearty, meaty sound that gives them a grittier sound than most. Occasionally, he uses his voice to yell out the lyrics, but it’s not very often that this happens. When it does, however, it adds to the mix quite well.

In combining all of the aforementioned elements, Clarity Process create an album that is urging listeners to pay attention to each song. The abundance of talent being displayed throughout this album is amazing, and you owe it to yourself to at least give this disc a chance. More likely than not, you will be drawn in for repeated listens by what you hear.

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