Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Contest Time!

Everyone likes winning things, right? Well now is your chance to win the Daisy Kutter trade (pictured above). I've recently become a big fan of Viper Comics and I have both the tpb of Daisy Kutter as well as the original issues of the mini series, so I figured I'd give away the trade to see if I can't get anyone else interested in Viper's offerings. You can read my review of Daisy Kutter here if you're wondering what it's about. It's a great story, trust me. So here's how you can win

Email me the answer to the following question before March 18th (my email address is rmgebhardt AT gmail DOT com):
Outside of the big four publishers (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image) , which independent comic publisher is putting out the best material right now?
I've been trying hard to check out more indie titles, so hopefully your recommendations will give me some guidance as to where I should spend my money (and win you something)! The winner will be chosen randomly and once the contest is over I'll post a breakdown of what publishers got the most votes. Thanks for your participation!

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