Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Crap I Instant Message

Johnny: You know what you should do? You should post the copeland review on Decoy.
Me: it isn't out until next week, tho....
Me: .....but if you want, sure
Johnny: its out this week
Johnny: march 22
Me: you sure? weird. on amazon it said the 29th, so that's when i earmarked it in my inbox. stupid amazon
Johnny: ya, its the 22
Me: but.... why would Amazon lie to me? doesn't she love me any more? Why, Amazon, WHY?
Johnny: kick her to the curb
Me: If only it were that easy. i still have credit to use in her....
Johnny: she's just playin ya man
Me: *sniff* you think so?
Johnny: i know so
Me: I really thought she might be the one, you know. With her constant discounts, tipjar feature, and stocking everything I could ever need.....
Me: I just don't know if I'll ever find anyone else that has all of those things.
Johnny: someday...when you least expect it
Me: Yeah, I suppose you're right. And besides, that Barnes & Noble website was looking kinda hot the last time I saw her
Johnny: and she's good in bed i hear
Me: well, as long as she hasn't gotten around too much
Johnny: well, i hear she's kinda dirty tho

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