Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Daisy Kutter Contest Winner

Well this is the second time I've had to write this out because Blogger sucks more than an army of black holes all sucking in unison with as much sucking power as they can possibly use... on steroids... and with the help of a neighboring army of black holes sucking along with them... on even more steroids... and possessing special, magical super-suck powers. Yeah, Blogger sucks more than that.

Anyhow, the winner of the Daisy Kutter contest is Colleen MacIsaac. Congratulations!

In my last post I did a big analysis that was partially tongue-in-cheek and partially serious and I thought it was neat, but Blogger screwed me and I don't feel like writing it again, so here's a pie chart of how the votes broke down (click on the image for a larger version):

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