Friday, April 22, 2005

Live Music Archive

It seems that more and more as I continue writing this blog that it has become more and more music oriented. When it started out, it was mainly a place I wrote about college and things that pissed me off. If anything it was nothing more than a glorified journal. As time progressed it morphed a little to encompass some current events commentary as well as the ocassional bit about comic books here and there. Now, in recent months, and specifically the last week or two, I seemed to have focused at least half of my efforts on music related posts, and this is yet another.

I've always been a fan of live music. There is no other way to see how talented a band really is than to see them perform live. A good producer, tons of studio time, and lots of computer enhanced error correcting can make anyone sound good on cd (ie: anyone on pop radio at the moment), but when you're playing live you have to be able to play your instruments and be able to sing. If you're like me and don't always get the chance to go to a lot of concerts, you might enjoy the Live Music Archive.

Within this archive you will find hundreds upon hundreds of concerts by a myriad of different bands. Just for example of what you can find, yesterday I downloaded 3 Local H concerts from 2005, a Story of the Year show from back in 2003, and recent Clann Zu performance. You'd be amazed at how many different bands support the recording of live music and have it stored on this site. I heartily suggest giving it a look.

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