Thursday, April 21, 2005

What Is In Easy Mac?

For the third time in about 2 weeks, I've forgotten to bring in my lunch to work. It's usually just leftovers since we only have a microwave here at work, but whenever I end up leaving my leftovers at home, my dad gets to them for his lunch. It's not that big of a deal, but I get so frustrated with myself for forgetting the food I made at home. Usually I'll make supper the night before and it'll be too much for me to eat in one sitting so I eat half of it for supper and then put the other half in the fridge to warm up at work the next day.

Last night I made rotinni noodles with some spicy marinara meat sauce. Since I'd made about two helpings worth, I packed up half of the meal into a tupperware container and stuck it in the fridge, reminding myself mentally that I can't forget it in the morning. As I went about my evening activities, I didn't forget that I had my lunch in the fridge.

As I awoke this morning I did my normal morning routine and headed off to work. As 11:00 rolls around, which is my lunch time, I suddenly realize that I left my lunch at home. The thought, from out of nowhere, creeps up and smacks me across the face and then laughs at my forgetfulness. As I'm stuck eating easy mac for lunch I can feel my subconscious laughing at me and I can sense my rotinni noodles slowly being eaten by my dad.

Easy mac isn't all that bad of a meal, but it sure can't beat homemade food. One thing that always bugs me about easy mac is the color of the cheese powder. It's like a neon orange color, which is totally unnatural. I can't imagine everything that went into manufacturing a powder that turns into a cheese substitute upon mixing it with water. I can hardly imagine that there's actually anything natural in the powder at all. All of these thoughts are carelessly tossed to the wind as soon as you take your first bite of easy mac, though. It's just so good. For all I know, Kraft could be putting in some type of adictive additive to make me keep wanting more easy mac because I usually have a hard time stopping after just one packet. I always want more, despite the sketchy nature of the ingredients.

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