Sunday, May 01, 2005

Complete the Puzzle

Give me your heart, it’s all I need
Your love, the source of all my greed
More and more, I always crave
This needs to happen
Right now, right here
There’s no waiting anymore

Too long I’ve put my life on hold
Growing old and slowly turning cold
So much more I need to be
Than simply an afterthought
Neither of us understands
How much this ultimately means

You deserve all that I have to give
Because I need you if I want to live
You think you’re less than perfect
It’s the truth of all our lives
Forget the fairy tales
Except for the one we create

Like a dagger this is killing me
Knowing you think you won’t be free
Give me the chance
I’ll give you the world
Trust and belief is all that’s needed
Reservation has no place

Stuck in the middle of a sea
A creation of my insecurity
Either sink or swim
On the verge of drowning
Don’t let this gulf
Float away the key

Body’s aching, I know it’s right
Open your eyes, unleash your sight
Deep inside you hear it too
Heart alive with love
Yet encased in fear
You just can’t give in

One chance, one time to choose
Everything to win, nothing to lose
An opportunity to receive
Everything you’ll ever need
As much as I wish we did
We don’t have forever

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