Friday, May 13, 2005

Free Comic Book Month -- Day Eight and Nine

I'm going to be out this weekend so here's the winners for days eight and nine.

John gets free comics because:

"1) You Rule
2) You Rule
3) You Rule
4) I can’t beat you in poker, you are a poker God
5) Because Who Wouldn’t Want Free Comics?
6) Batman is Better than Superman
7) TMNT was actually a decent series (based on Artist/Writer)
8) You Rule!
9) You Rule!
10) And the list goes on…"

Well, I can't really disagree :-) Sorry I don't have any Sonic comics to add to your collection!

He receives:
Batman: The 10 Cent Adventure (the start of a great Batman arc)
Batman Annual 24 (some more sweet Batman action)
What If? #53 (three, count 'em, THREE alternate reality tales)
Spider-Man Unlimited #4 (a fun, self-contained tale with a squid monster)
Marvel Superheroes Spring Special 1992 (80 pages of Avengers action)
Marvel Superheroes Winter Special 1992 (80 MORE pages of action starring Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and the Falcon)

Stephen gets free comics because:

"I (possibly) need one of the comics that you're giving away because if I don't have it, I won't be able to tell others about it in my jewishcomics forum or list
it in my Jewish comics bibliography. Well, that wasn't very witty, but it's the truth.

To get some sense of what I'm talking about, vist any (or all) of the following :

Jews in Comics
(for the most part, comics I already have)
(for the most part, comics I don't have yet)
(discussion of comics that I have or that I'm trying
to get)"

Who would have thought that there is a group dedicated to finding Jewish comics. I don't know if I have any to send you, but hopefully what I do send is good reading anyhow.

He receives:
The Vision #1-4 (mini series starring our favorite robot Avenger)
Shatter #1 (the first computerized comic. It says so on the cover! Reading up on the inside cover, I found out that some of the work on this comic was done using an Apple III. Wow.)
Freejack #1, 3 (I never saw the movie, but I'm sure this adaptation by Chuck Dixon is better)

Enjoy! Remember, there's still a ton of comics left to give out, just go here. Tell your friends! There aren't a whole lot of entries so your chances are pretty good if you enter...

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