Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Free Comic Book Month -- Day Five

Matt gets free comics because:

"I dig comics. Wait, that's not witty. How about: I missed the actual Free Comic Book Day because my grandmother died. The reason she died: a heart attack while reading Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Not at Blue Beetle getting shot, or because Maxwell Lord was the villain. It was those freaky monkeys the Shazam wizard had. Those things really creeped her out. I knew I shouldn't have let her read it. I should have given her The Walking Dead instead. She always did like zombies."

He receives:
A Continuity Comics Extravaganza which includes...
The Zero Patrol #1 (a "collector's first issue" so it must be worth millions!)
Valeria the She Bat #1 (a Neal Adams creation)
Samuree #1-2 (crazy ninja babe action)
Ms Mystic #3 (isn't she now a Marvel or DC character?)
Megalith #3 (he reminds me of Prime)
Earth 4 #1 (card-stock cover, baby)
Armor #11 (can you have a more generic title for a comic?)

Enjoy! Remember, there's still time to enter, just go here. Tell your friends!

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