Saturday, May 07, 2005

Free Comic Book Month -- Day One

Martin gets free comics because:

"If I win free comics, I will tell you a joke, and it will forever be your joke. You can tell it with impunity, without any moral obligation to preface it with "I heard this from..." or follow it up with "I got it off a Laffy Taffy wrapper". "

He receives:
Flash 50th Anniversary Special #1 (50 years is a long time)
Flash #56 (flashy!)
Superman vs. Aliens #3 (there's no way any amount of aliens could take Superman)
The Establishment #1 (British superhero action in the Wildstorm Universe)
Deadman #4 (he's dead and he's a man--one of those things is good, the other not)

Enjoy! Remember, there's still time to enter, just go here.

[Update: Here's the joke Martin traded me for the comics:

An orangutan walks into a bar. He knuckles his way over to the barstool closest to the beer nut bowl and takes a seat, then orders a beer. Now, the bartender figures "Hey, what do orangutans know?" and charges ten bucks. The orangutan just shrugs, pulls a sawbuck out of god-knows-where, and settles down to enjoy his drink. The orangutan really takes his time with the beer, eating handfulls of nuts inbetween each sip, so the bartender has plenty of time for his curiousity to get the better of him. He starts wiping down the bar near the orangutan's seat in hopes that the great ape will start a conversation, but the orangutan continues to silently nurse his beer. Finally, the bartender can't take it anymore. He catches the orangutan's eye and casually says "Y'know, we don't get a lot of orangutans in here..." The orangutan snorts and replys "At these prices? I'm not surprised."]

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