Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My First Ever Trip to the ER

Yes, I know it’s been pretty silent here for a bit, but there has been good reason—my first ever trip to the emergency room of a hospital. Sunday morning was a rough, rough morning for me. As soon as I awoke, I was greeted with an overpowering feeling of nausea. Minutes later most of what I had eaten the day before was staring back at me from the bottom of a toilet bowl. I figured that I must have eaten something bad the night before, which I most likely did, but I never figured that the puking would continue.

About 15 minutes after my first puking experience I was back in the bathroom hunched over the same bowl upchucking what was left of the food in my stomach. I must have eaten something really icky and it took two tries to get it all out. I should have been fine… but that was just the start.

I actually ended up vomiting four more times before I called Kristin to see what I should do. Her mom is a nurse so if anyone could help I knew she could. She told me to give it a little while to see if it quit and to try to drink some water. If I couldn’t quit vomiting, I should head to the hospital.

After I broke into double digits for the number of times I’d puked, I knew I needed to go in. Thankfully, Burns was around to drive me in. On our way in I only managed to chunder once, and by that time there wasn’t really much in the realm of content in my puke. It was mostly liquid if anything at all.

Once they got me into the ER, they took my vitals and found that I was orthostatic and severely dehydrated from all the puking. They hooked me up to an IV and pumped me full of anti-nausea medication and two full bags of fluids throughout the afternoon. Once they started my IV and got some drugs into me I finally quit puking and could function again.

I was pretty weak throughout the day and felt like ass. Thankfully it wasn’t anything more serious than some bad food poisoning, but nonetheless it was NOT a fun experience. Food is still somewhat unappealing to me, but I’m working my way back to wanting to eat again.

So if you were wondering why it’s been quiet on the blogging front, well, now you know!

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