Thursday, May 05, 2005

You Want Some Free Comics?

Ok, I'll admit it right off the bat, I'm going to utterly, shamelessly, and horribly rip off another blog's idea, but I figure it's a really good one and I like the concept. If you visit David Carter's Yet Another Comics Blog you'll see that during the month of May he is giving away a free comic to someone every day of the month. How is that not awesome?

In order to promote comic book reading, I have decided to do much the same thing as David and give away free comics to anyone who would like them. Starting May 7th, which is Free Comic Book Day, I will give away comics to one person a day until June 7th. If I don't get many emails (less than one per day) then everyone who emails will get comics. If I receive more than one email per day then it will be completely random as to who gets the comics. This seems to be the only fair way and that's how I ran my Daisy Kutter contest a while back. I'm not sure how many comics I'll send to each person, but you can be guaranteed it will be at least two as I have a lot of spare comic stock taking up precious space in my room at home!

The only thing I require from anyone emailing me for free comics is that you put "FCBD" in the email title, give me some witty reason as to why you deserve some free comics, and type in your address. Also, since I'm giving away comics, check out my comic book review blog just to be nice. Thanks. That's it! So click on that link over to the right and email me!

Well, that's not completely it. There are a few guidelines that should be pointed out so I don't have to spend too much on postage or get myself in trouble. This is only for residents of the United States that are over 18. Also, please only enter once so that as many people as possible can get in on the free action.

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