Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dick Clark's Secret

No, I'm not talking about the Resident Evil movies. I'm talking about this article I found on slashdot that references this article which tells of scientists reviving dead dogs after three hours of clinical death. The article is pretty skimpy on details and there is hardly any actual science detailed in the article, but just thinking about the possibility of bringing back dogs from the dead is a little creepy.

My first thought is that you might be able to do this indefinitely, if it does actually work, until your body can in no way, shape, or form function any longer. Think about it. You have a heart attack because of a blood clot when you're 50. You clinically die. You are then taken in to a hospital. The doc looks you over, sees you died of a heart attack, fixes the blockage, does this zombification process, and then you go on your way. 10 years later you have another one and then they do it all over again.

On top of being able to be zombified to come back from the dead, maybe it'll also have rejuvenitive properties. Got liver disease? Become a zombie. Got AIDS? Turn into a zombie. Cancer? Solved through zombification. Zombification would be the answer to all our problems! And to think we've been portraying them as mindless, brain-eating, decaying no gooders in the movies.

The only problem you'd have to deal with is that over time you'd end up looking like this:

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