Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who'd Have Thought...

...that Wolverine would be the main focus of the next X-Men movie. As if Marvel doesn't whore him out enough in the comics by having him on every X-Men team, in his own book, on the Avengers, and crossing over into at least one book a month, but now it looks like he'll be the focus of X3, the next X-Men movie, or at least that's what the movie poster, pictured below, makes it look like.

On top of it all, Hugh Jackman signed on for a Wolverine solo movie that will come out probably sometime after X3. I'm starting to wonder if movie-goers will get as sick of the character as long time comic readers are. I pretty much dropped all of the X-titles this year, as well as Wolverine's solo book, because I was so damn sick of the character. Well, that and the writing on most of the titles was atrocious.

I'm hoping this is just a clever poster design and that the story will actually focus on the Phoenix or Dark Phoenix sagas like X2 set up at the end. Only time will tell. In the meantime I can't wait to see Batman Begins and I'm slowly losing all hope for Fantastic Four the more previews I see. Oh well, at least there's always Stealth, right?

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