Wednesday, July 20, 2005

His Final Beam Up

Sadly, our beloved Scotty has passed on to the next life early this morning. Being a closet Star Trek nerd, it hurts a little each time one of the original crew passes away. It's obviously impossible that they'd somehow live forever, but seeing some of the actors who portrayed characters in tv shows and movies that I admired, and even worshiped, as a child puts into perspective how time is moving along unphased and how it keeps aging me, slowly but surely. I don't recall ever giving Father Time my express written consent to make me older without my permission, but I don't think he'll stop any time soon.

Star Trek has sadly taken another blow with the loss of James Doohan. I know I'll definitely miss the man who played the best damn Scottish engineer in a sci-fi television show ever, if anything just for his candor about how much of a self-absorbed prick William Shatner is.

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