Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Very Furry Housemate

For the last month or so, and for the forseeable future, I've been renting out the basement of a house that a friend of mine lives in. His house is only four miles away from work and is much, much closer than the 38 my parents' place was. I also felt the need to get into town instead of being out in the boondocks. It was just so hard to do things with people that lived in Rochester when I lived so far away. Anyhow, this doesn't really matter so much for what I was actually going to talk about--an addition to the household, Mori the dog.

Mori the dog is a Soft Furred Wheaton Terrier (or something of that nature). I'm horrible at remembering breed names. Anyways, she's about eight weeks old and weight probably six or seven pounds right now. Since she's a puppy she's plenty playful, likes to bite things, and doesn't always remember to go to the bathroom outside. Beyond that she's been a lot of fun.

Yeah, I don't really have much else to say about her so here, look at a picture of her:


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