Friday, July 29, 2005

An RPG's Main Downfall

I am a D&D geek. Not a gigantic one, but one nonetheless. I didn't play the pen and paper D&D as a kid, but I did play Battletech which was basically the same thing but with more gigantic robots and less role playing. My D&D geekiness came in playing the original Gold box AD&D computer games, reading the AD&D novels, and playing Spellfire (AD&D's version of Magic: The Gathering).

As I went into college I seemingly grew out of my D&D phase. I still played Spellfire with my brother every now and again, but that was about it. I did, however, start playing more RPG video games. I loved Baldur's Gate, Nox, Fallout, and whatever other RPG's came out for computer. Once I got an Xbox I started playing console RPG's as well such as D&D: Heroes and Knights of the Old Republic.

I loved almost all of the RPG's that I played, but I rarely finished them all the way through. For me they were just too long and suffered from being either repetitive or just pretty level-grinding styled games. I would just get sick of doing the same thing over and over again, no matter what the small derivations of the tasks might be. Basically they all boiled down to the same thing repeated with a different, shiny coat.

I bring this up because I stumbled across this image at Gamespy that pretty much describes my feelings about RPG's. 95% of all RPG's can, at their essence, be boiled down to that one graphic. Because of that, I have decided that in the future I will only play RPG's that can be completed in 10 hours or less or are somehow revolutionary (which is pretty rare). I just can't dedicate a ton of time to doing repetitive tasks over and over again.

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