Sunday, August 28, 2005

Book Crossing

Recently I received a book in the mail and on the inside cover was a book plate from Book Crossing. Interested by the little blurb on the book plate, I checked out the site. Upon doing that I became very interested in this wonderful little, or not so little really, book trading / scavenging site. Before I talk about it any more go give the site a quick look, I'll wait.

What really intrigues me is seeing the path a book takes around the states or, in some cases, world. I was the first person to get the tagged book, Remains by Steve Niles, which was sent to me, but once I finish reading it I plan on leaving it at a local coffee shop here in Rochester in the hopes of someone finding it and continuing its journey.

I've also decided that since I like the concept of stealthily finding, hiding, and reading books that have been read and enjoyed by others that I am going to tag some of my books and leave them around in town here with the hopes that someone will find them and enjoy them, and when they are done enjoying them continue their journey around the world. There really aren't enough people that read books anymore, so hopefully the added fun of Book Crossing will turn more people on to reading. It's really a great concept, if you ask me.

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