Friday, August 26, 2005

The Crybabies

Me: let's start an emo band
Brandon: The Crybabies!
Me: hahaha, hot damn that's a great name for us
Me: we'll sign to Victory
Brandon: and ole baldy will promote us once and never again.
Me: totally
Me: dibs on being the guy that screams since i can't sing
Brandon: you got it. i'll be the singing emotional guy
Me: sweet.  i'm the screaming, angry one
Brandon: hah! nice!
Me: and since we're in an emo band we'll get all the girls, and then we'll write more songs about how we don't want them, we only want those two girls that are totally unattainable
Brandon: yeah, and the two girls will never talk to us because they know we are singing about them.
Me: and then we'll morph into a Boys Night Out clone and stop talking about how we want these two girls, but instead just want to kill them for breaking our hearts and not dating us
Brandon: haha, and before you know it we'll become a tech metal band
Me: and then we'll retire, reflect back on our glory days, and reunite in 20 years for a stadium tour

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