Thursday, August 25, 2005

Making Mistakes

We make mistakes, it's what we do - So make your pain a lesson - I make my own mistakes and I learn from them well - The pain I feel inside is my own hell – Pain is a Lesson by Trigger Point
Mistakes are something you can’t avoid.  No matter how much (or little) you think about doing some things or not doing others, you can’t be perfect.  Eventually, despite all your best efforts, you’re going to screw up and make a mistake.  As much as I hate to say it, I make mistakes, but in doing so I try to learn as best as I can from those mistakes so that I don’t make them again or so that I don’t make similar mistakes.

Sometimes a mistake is barely noticeable and, in fact, you might be the only one to know you made it.  Other times it’ll have ramifications on other people, your life, and your lifestyle.  Those are the hardest mistakes to swallow, but swallow them you must because like it or not you’re going to make a mistake.

Lately I feel as if I’ve been making more mistakes than I usually would.  Mistakes upon mistakes, but each one, no matter how hurtful it is, I learn from it.  The more screw ups I have now, the fewer I’ll hopefully make in the future.  I know that sounds pretty damn common sense-ish, but often times we forget to learn from our mistakes.  We’re just content to keep on making them or if we do know not to do something again, we still don’t see it as a part of the big picture.  A mistake can have ripples throughout your life.

It’s those ripples, and those mistakes that cause them, that I feel I’ve been forgetting about.  I’ve simply been content to live in the pain of my mistakes instead of learning from them.  That’s been my biggest mistake lately—not realizing how my screw-ups actually affect me and those around me.  

I’ve made my mistakes.  Now it’s time to learn from them. Time to make this pain a lesson.

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