Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Voice Overhaul

For those five of you who caught the piece on blogging last night and decided to come check out my blog because of it, what did you think? Personally I thought it came out pretty good. I might have looked a little bit toolish, but I suppose that’s fine. Seeing the top graphic of this site displayed on my 57” television was a little scary, though. I didn’t realize how dumb I look in a couple of those poses. I think I might have to redesign something else to put up there.

The other thing I found weird was how my voice sounded. I’ve been talking or babbling random crap out of my mouth for over 24 years now and no matter how many times I hear my voice played back to me, be it on a tape recorder, answering machine, or tv, I can’t stand it. My voice doesn’t sound that way, does it?

It’s so weird how different your voice sounds to you when you are speaking to someone and when you hear it played back to you. You see, when I talk to people I never notice that my voice sounds like an odd cross between a more energetic Frankenstein and Lurch when he has a frog in his throat. No, when I’m talking to you I know I have a deep voice, but to me it sounds like a sexy Barry White with a little Brad Pitt thrown in for good measure.

One of these days maybe they’ll find a way to give people artificial voices, or at least make it so that when we are talking we’ll hear what we sound like instead of a more appealing permutation of what we really sound like. Seriously, I sometimes have a hard time believing anyone would even want to have a conversation with me when I hear my voice played back to me. It’s hideous. I need a voice transplant, so if anyone wants to donate theirs to me, let me know.

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