Sunday, September 25, 2005

Even the Weather Hates Me

Mother Nature, you sure can be a big ball of no fun sometimes. The entire weekend you decided it would be fun to be dark, dreary, rainy, and altogether depressingly miserable. Would it have killed you to let a little sun shine through or let it at least be decent enough out so that Jared and I could have done some disc golfing? And it looks like you're going to keep at your schenanigans for most of today. Looking at the radar and seeing a gigantic amoeba of green grossness moving all through southern Minnesota and Iowa is not exactly the most attractive thing.

So I'll just sit here this morning, play some video games, read some comic books, pretend I'm 10 instead of 24, and wait for you to stop being such a bitch. So when you're ready to start cooperating, Nature, let me know. You can let it rain all week while I'm at work, but why do you have to be ruining my weekends? Damn you, woman!

Since it's so depressing out and I know I need some cheering up, here's a picture of me and the farm's latest kitten, Robin. Cute, huh?

Me and Robin

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