Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spontaneous Allergies

In my lifetime, I’ve never been found to have any allergies and I’ve never felt like I’ve had any type of allergic reaction to anything.  That being said, is it possible to just spontaneously develop allergies, and in the same realm of though, can they just spontaneously disappear?

The reason I’m wondering this is because all this week I’ve had a somewhat runny nose and my eyes have been as dry as the Sahara, as well as more bloodshot than… something that’s really bloodshot.

Truth be told, my eyes do have a habit of getting bloodshot for no apparent reason and then miraculously healing themselves a few hours later.  I attribute it to having sensitive eyes.  I’m making that assumption because any amount of dust or smoke will make my eyes hurt and tear up quite quickly.  This is one of the main reason I’m glad they implemented the smoking ban at all of the bars and clubs in Minneapolis—I can finally go to concerts without feeling like my face was going to unceremoniously eject my eyeballs from their sockets to end the pain they were causing.

Now as I think back over this week, nothing has really been different.  I get up, go to work, work out, hang out at my house, and do the regular things, but for some reason this week my eyes felt the need to torture me.  One of my co-workers asked if I had allergies and I said no.  She told me that it’s not impossible to develop allergies at any time.  But would they come on this quick?  I kind of doubt it.  Especially since this morning my eyes appear to be back to normal.

In conclusion, my eyes were really a big pain in my face this week and made keeping them open for prolonged periods of time a whole lot of not fun.  Thankfully they’re back to normal, but I’m still really weirded out as to why they got all funky all of the sudden, for no apparent reason.  Frickin’ eyeballs.

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