Wednesday, October 12, 2005

War Wounds

I managed to do it yet again, although this time I actually found a way to do it worse than I have in a very long time. That’s right, I shaved and in the process somehow ripped half of my face off.  Not only do I have the little nicks, cuts, and scrapes along my neckline, but this time I added a nice, big, open, raw war wound on my chin.  

Somehow, someway while I was attempting to shave my chin area, my razor sheered off not just a little piece of skin, but a hearty chunk of epidermis.  In doing so, my chin was bleeding profusely for about 20 minutes.  While I was taking my shower after shaving, there was a pretty steady stream of blood that ran down my chin and chest.

After I got out, it still wasn’t done dripping blood all over the place so I stopped bleeding with a Kleenex for a while and eventually the pace of the bleeding slowed down enough that it had a chance to scab over.  So now I have a wonderful looking divot in my lower chin.  Hip hip hooray for shaving!  Man, I suck at it.

Speaking of stupid things I did today, I made up a word while I was on a call with a client today at work.  When we were discussing some changes to a document, I wanted to let the client know that I understood the concerns that were expressed, but I also wanted to express to them that they needed to understand some other issues with the document.  With those two thoughts in mind, I managed to eek out the sentence, “Yes, that’s quite understanded, but I think…”

Understanded.  Shows what dumb things you can say when you’re on the 10th day of work in a row, averaging more than 9 hours per day, and talking calendar days, not work week days.  It’s like I’m running some kind of work marathon right now.  I just hope it’s towards the end. If not, I might just end up speaking in complete gibberish, and I’m sure that’s probably not good for client interaction.

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