Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Guild Wars Halloween

I've never been one to smoke from the massively multiplayer role playing game crack pipe since I really can't justify spending money monthly to play a game that I might only play for a few hours in that month. Also, I'll be at a total disadvantage against all of the uber-nerds that spend 8 hours a day running the game's level treadmill.

Games like Diablo, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies and the like just never impressed me simply because the concepts of the games are basically make a character, level up to get better stuff, get better stuff to level up, level up to get better stuff, get better stuff to level up, and so forth on and on and on. It just seems so boring to me.

Then, sometimes, a MMRPG does something sweet like Guild Wars did for Halloween that really impresses me and makes me think that playing it might not be so bad, assuming they'd do similar things on a semi-frequent basis. For Halloween Guild Wars totally revamped a ton of different aspects of the game from environments to enemies to NPC's to the background music. I was seriously impressed with some of the screenshots a friend of mine showed me.

If I knew that Guild Wars would somehow keep changing its content and modifying the game like that every so often I think it might just be the thing to get me to start playing and actually keep playing. If the content never changed I'm pretty sure that I'd get pretty damn bored just leveling up over and over again for no real reason. Sure, new content wouldn't alleviate that problem, but at least it would make for some nice scenery changes while I was on the level treadmill.

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