Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What Does My MP3 Collection Think of Me?

So I really never do blog memes, but I saw this one over on Jared's blog and thought I'd do it myself since I sit here and listen to music all day at work anyways... well, when I'm not in meetings, on the phone, or traveling.

So for this meme, you load up your mp3 collection or a subset of it, whatever you feel like loading, into your mp3 playing program of choice. Turn on shuffle. Press play. Each song that is played is the answer to each subsequent question (shown below with my answers and responses). It's interesting to see how a song could possibly relate to a question. Some don't at all, but I guess that's only expected. Anyways, below is what I got when I consulted my mp3 collection. Feel free to click on the names of the bands and check them out. They're all good.

1. What do you think of me, QCD?
"Anarchy OK" by Cog
--I don't know how to take this exactly. I'm guessing it means that QCD thinks that my haphazard ways of listening to music are just fine by it.

2. Will I have a happy life?
"This Sitcom Really Really Isn't All That Real" by Weerd Science
--So if my life were a tv show, a sitcom to be exact, my life would basically be fake. It gets even worse when I listen to the lyrics of the song in which a kid's life is described... and let's just say his life doesn't sound very appealing.

3. What do my friends really think of me?
"Pour Me Another" by Atmosphere
--My friends think I'm too uptight? Think I need a drink? Well, fine, I'll just have to start being a drunk!

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
"Long Coming" by Sunset Black
--Hmmm... this is interesting. So if I wait long enough people will? That's fine by me, I guess.

5. What does that one hot girl I know think of me?
"What You Need" by Self Scientific
--YES! A hot girl thinks I'm just what she needs. I know I'm somewhat twisting how the grammar of the song relates to the question, but who cares! Some hot girl thinks I'm what she needs!

6. How can I make myself happy?
"To Live and Die by Fire" by Still Remains
--Great, apparently the only way I can make myself happy is by playing with fire and getting hurt. Go me.

7. What should I do with my life?
"Jacques Molay Is Avenged!" by The Lucky Nine
--Be a bounty hunter maybe? Write really cheesy revenge novels? I don't know, but I need to go do some avenging. I'll make your life my motivation, Jacques Molay...

8. Why must life be so full of pain?
"Through Waiting" by Greeley Estates
--I don't really see the connection here. Maybe my life is full of pain because I never wait for things long enough? Or maybe because I wait too long? I must meditate further on this.

9. How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
"Complicated" by Face to Face
--Hahahahahaha... that's really funny. Thanks for basically dodging the question, QCD.

10. Will I ever have children?
"War Profiteering is Killing Us All" by The Suicide Machines
--I'll take that as a no?

11. Will I die happy?
"This Feels Right" by Life Long Tragedy
--This sounds promising... at least from the song title. If I look at the band name, well, that's another story. It'll probably be a mix of the two and I'll just die ambivalent.

12. Can you give me some good advice?
"Something New" by Professional Murder Music
--Time to start buying myself stuff or finding new things to do or new people to hang out with, I guess.

13. Do you know where your children will be (if you have them)?
"Communion" by Killing Joke
--I must marry a really religious woman if my kids are always at communion. Either that or I actually find a church and/or religion that I actually feel confident and comfortable in.

14. What do you think happiness is?
"God Knows I Love You Kid" by Lorene Drive
--Knowing that someone loves me is definitely something that makes me happy, so knowing that people love me will hopefully bring me much happiness.

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