Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

Ahh, Thanksgiving... the laziest of all holidays, at least for me and my family. We don't travel anywhere, we do make a nice Thanksgiving lunch (but don't go overboard on it), we sit and watch football if there's no good movies playing, we nap, and we let ourselves relax.

It's really nice to be able to simply spend one holiday not worrying about anything. There's no being fake, trying to keep up appearances around relatives. You don't have to perform any unneeded cleaning, even though we ended up cleaning out our lazy susan this morning as we were looking for turkey cooking items. Heck, I haven't even bothered showering yet. I'm still lounging here in front of my laptop in the living room in flannels, Scooby Doo slippers, and an old SJU basketball t-shirt.

Soon enough we'll be gorging ourselves on food, watching football, and indulging in weeks or months of pent up slothness. Then tomorrow... we shop!

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