Monday, November 28, 2005

Things I Hate

--People who go around asking people for the answers to questions that could easily be answered with a little work (for example, asking me what a sentence in a document means when it is explained in the next paragraph--all they had to do was read).
--iPods. They're so overpriced in comparison to other equivalent mp3 players. That and iTunes is such a crappy media player.
--Really cold days when there's no snow. What's the point of having cold weather if there's no snow?
--Loading time between levels on video games. We have kick ass graphics, sound, and cinematics, but why the hell are the load times so long still?
--Working as much as we do in the US. Why do we have to give up 8+ hours of every day doing something we don't want to do? How the hell did that happen?
--Women comedians. They just aren't as funny as male stand-ups.
--Vegetables served raw. They're just so icky if they're not cooked (other than carrots which are icky cooked).
--All the music that is on the radio here in Rochester (and in general). It's all so soulless.
--Most of the time lately, myself.
--Planes, but I'll be forced to deal with them come Wednesday. Frankly, I used to be afraid of them, but now I just hate them.
--How you say things that you know you really need to say, but you know right after you say them that it would have been 10 times better if you would have just shut the hell up and dealt with the internal stife.
--Being grown up. It's no fun wondering where the hell your life is going, why it has no clear direction, and when it'll be when you get what you want.
--The Christmas holiday season. I used to love it, and I still do some of the time, but now I just want it all to be over. There's too much stress to be someone you're really not.
--Most of the time lately, the decisions I make and the life I lead.
--Mike Vanderjagt for kicking so many damn field goals tonight which made me lose my fantasy football game, potentially knocking me out of the playoffs for this season.
--The past. It ruins the present and taints the future.
--George Bush. But that's nothing very original, now is it?
--Having to sleep at all. I don't do much of it as it is, but still I'd rather not do it at all.
--The lack of time I have for writing.
--The lack of time I have for exercising.
--Having to be patient. Screw that, I want what I want and deserve right now.

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