Saturday, December 10, 2005

Buying and Selling

It's getting close to that wonderful day of gift giving, that day where just about everyone in this undeniably materialistic country gives away and receives tons and tons of presents, that day where you get to hoard away all of your loot from your siblings a few scant hours after waking from a restless sleep wondering what you'd get... a day call Christmas.

I know that some of you might still be looking for stuff to get your friends, family, significant others, and other people you like to buy stuff for. Well, do I have a great idea for you! I would suggest you check out my auctions over on Yahoo Auctions.

I've switched over to using Yahoo because it's completely and totally free to list auctions which is way way way way way way way better then Ebay, who thinks it is their right to keep about half of your auction's value for themselves. Yahoo's auctions might not get the same exposure, but I'm willing to try out any competitor to Ebay.

Also, with it being close to Christmas, if anyone out there has the urge to buy me something, please puruse my wish list that I've set up on Amazon. And if you want to get at it in the future I put a link to it over on the right labeled "Buy Me Stuff". As much as I love giving gifts, it's fun to get them too.

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