Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Returns

With every Christmas comes returns. Some years you have more to make than others, but it’s almost always a guarantee that you’ll have to make at least one or two. I had to do a few this year, as usual, but I also returned a few things that I had picked up for my parents and brothers because I thought they could use them, not because they were gifts.

See, I’m a very utilitarian shopper when I’m shopping on my own. I have a list of things I need to get, I go to where I need to go, get those things, and get out. Boom, bang, bam—I’m done. Sometimes I’ll pick up things I see because they might be useful, but usually it’s just what’s on my list… unless I’m out shopping with someone else or simply mall crawling, but those are two totally different situations.

So as I was shopping before Christmas, and even after it, I saw a few things that I thought my brothers and parents could use so I picked them up. For my parents it was a battery charger and for my brothers it was some racing video games. Turns out the racing games were pretty asstacular and my parents had a charger and forgot about it.

So along with my returns, I had those to return as well. In doing my returns I had to visit like 5 different stores around town. As I was doing those returns, as well as dropping off some movies I rented, I realized just how much time I was putting into making these returns, as well as the gas I was using up traveling. It took me probably 2 hours from when I left my house to when I returned to get everything returned. In that time I could have watched a movie or something.

At least in returning what I did, I got some money back I can waste on other things that I want but don’t need. I’m still mulling over whether I should buy an Xbox 360 or not. Still leaning towards no, but it’s always so damn tempting. New technology, you know. I want to be that alpha nerd with the newest toys! For now, though, I think I can hold myself back… I hope.

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