Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Slowly Killing Me

Almost every day I come to work, I wish that I was a point in my life where I had a job that would let me work from a home office. Not to say my cubicle sucks ass, because it only sucks ass some of the time, but being able to be in an environment that I totally and completely control would be so much more conducive to my work well being... and my ability to play Xbox when I don't actually have any work to do instead of pretending that I do, wasting time plodding around the internet, and feeling like my soul is slowly slipping away.

I am very hopeful that someday in the future, hopefully by the time I have kids, I will be in a position to work from home at least part of the time. It would be such a help to be able to stay at home with the little demon spawns... err, kids when I finally get around to breeding.

More than a few ideas have come to mind when I think of what my home office would look like. None of them quite as elaborate as what some dude on Flickr has created, but I'd try to make it at least as badass, if not a little more entertainment oriented. The main thing that would be totally different than most home offices is that I would like to have mine as an extension of the living room. In fact, I'd want it to be in a corner of the living room. This way I don't feel like I'm cramped into some home office that is basically a cubicle that has been transported into my home--I'd still feel trapped.

All of my work files, computer, computer equipment, phone, and everything else work would be on one half of my computer desk, stronly separated from the other side of my desk. This half would be for my fun projects. First and foremost I would have a media server set up for streaming music throughout the house and recorded media to my big screen television (in case I'm on call with a client or coworker and things get boring--hit mute and pull up an episode of Harvey Birdman).

I would make sure that the big screen television in the room was visible from my desk, or at least able to be swiveled over to be viewable. That's actually a much better idea so that way I can leave it in the normal living room configuration except for during work hours when it can swing over to pointing at my desk.

On the walls around my desk would be pictures of my family, poster of superheroes, shelves housing all kinds of random crap like what I have in my cube right now (ie: bobble heads, an Ozzie Ossbourne figurine, a Legolas statue, a strobe light skull, some glowy light, chinese meditation balls, and other odds and ends). With work sucking my soul away from me, I at least don't want it to feel like it's being sucked out.

Yeah... so that's my goal for a home office. Now I just have to find a place of my own first... and find a job with a company that actually cares about its workers...

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