Tuesday, January 31, 2006



In the wake of my uncle John's passing, he has left behind one family member that will be living with my parents--Pooh, the cat. John had a real affection for cats, much like myself and my mother. Since there would no longer be anyone to watch her or care for her, John wanted us to have to and to take care of her.

And I must say, I think she's going to like it with my parents. So far she seems to be exploring every nook and cranny of the house. She's trying to get along with the other cats, but they aren't the most welcoming of animals, but it's really nothing more than an initiation since every new house animal we've ever had has been initially shunned by the pets that already resided there.

Being at home this weekend and playing with the animals makes me anxious to eventually have my own place where I can finally bring my cat, Stitch, with me to live instead of him remaining at home with my parents. Maybe if I'm lucky I can convince my family to let me take one of the other cats to keep Stitch company as well! It's worth trying.


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