Monday, January 16, 2006

Sucker for a Sale

If you look at my DVD collection, specifically my "to watch" pile, which consists of probably 25 movies and about 7-8 box sets, you wouldn't think I'd have a shortage of things to watch. Glancing over my video game collection you'll see a chunk of games on my shelf grouped together that I would tell you I haven't even touched yet. And my cd collection! I get tons of promos working for Decoy Music and I've bought plenty in my day so I really shouldn't have a need for any more music. So what do I do while I'm in St. Cloud visiting Kristin? I shop.

And I buy. I couldn't resist the temptation of a good sale. This is one trait that I've inherited from my mother--the inability to turn down a good sale, even if you don't need what you're buying. For me, over the weekend, this meant buying DVDs, CDs, and a video game.

Media Play, the store I bought the Spider-Man DVD set from and talked about previously, had discounted their remaining merchandise even further because of their impending closing. Everything was now 50-70% off, which means it was actually into sale range.

As Kristin and I waltzed through the store looking at what was there, I ended up finding a few things to buy. First, I picked up the Mirage of Blaze box set for Kristin and I to watch once we finish up the fourth season of Smallville box set. At $15 I couldn't say no. I also couldn't say no to the Pump It Up dance game for Xbox. Sure, it's a wannabe Dance Dance Revolution, but since my brother and mother now had DDR at home, I craved a dance game and for only $18 I wasn't going to pass it up. By the way, Pump It Up is way frickin' harder than DDR, especially if you're used to DDR steps. I look like an absolute novice while playing Pump It Up, which is somewhat humbling considering I was no slouch at DDR.

I also picked up a few cds I wanted from Nora and Scarlett. And then I went back again a day later... and bought the Ultimate Spider-Man game for Kristin, the first season of Murder One, and the Patlabor tv series. I just couldn't resist.

So right now I have probably a few weeks worth of DVDs to watch, and I'd probably only get through them if I watched them all back to back without any down time for those few weeks. As much as I wished I could resist my temptations, I have the willpower of a five year old with a bucket of cookies sitting in front of him. Good thing I have so much free time...

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