Friday, February 17, 2006

ADD on a Whole New Level

If there was ever a combination of moods that was completely unneeded when you have a project due is the mixture of utter boredom, permeated unmotivation, and unparalleled procrastination. Today I suffer from all three.

The day started off ok. I actually woke up to my alarm as opposed to the dog barking, which is definitely awesome since it happens so rarely lately. Work this morning was somewhat laid back but as time stretched on my ability to focus on anything for more than a few minutes was fading fast. It eventually left me completely when they had women's curling on tv here in the office. That's right, women's curling was was more interesting than anything else I had to do in the office.

As the curling switched to women's hockey I tried to focus on what I was working on, but found myself getting up every 5-10 minutes to do something like going to the bathroom, refilling my coffee (which led to more trips to the bathroom), visiting a co-worker's cube for candy, walking around the cube farm just because, or raiding a friend's cube for his heat lamp so I could set it up in my cube to strategically shine directly on my bamboo plant so that it will hopefully need more water so that I can get up and water it more often.

There was nothing... nothing that could keep me focused today. Even now I'm about ready to move on to something else to kill some time. Maybe it's because it's Friday. Maybe it's because it's un-freakin-believably cold out today. Maybe it's because I'm too stressed out to let my mind stay tuned in to one thing. Hell if I know. All I really know is that I don't want to do anything right now... and that I still have at least two torturous hours of work left. Ugghhh.

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