Thursday, February 16, 2006

Double Shot of Expresso... On the Double!

Last night we had our final regular season basketball game, which we won for a change. Our final record is 4-6, but three of those losses were games we pretty much handed to our opponents in the final minute or two. Our style of play is to either get really behind right away and then just goof around or we'll play hard in spurts keeping it close and then somehow pooch it at the end. The games we've won have all been pretty close as well. Sadly we never had a game this season where we just obliterated our opponents. We've had halves where we were dominant lords of the court, but never a full game.

Playoffs will be starting next week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll be able to pull together two full halves of awesome, Iverson-esque play. We'll see.

Now after our game I showered up and zoomed over to a friend's place to take part in our weekly poker game. We got started at about 11:30. I got eliminated in the middle of the pack going all in before the flop with a pair of kings. I had to since my stack was slowly getting blinded away and I couldn't get cards for the life of me. Another guy flopped trips and I was done.

I got home at about 2 and slipped into bed at close to 2:30 am hoping to sleep in until at least 8 since I didn't have any pressing morning meetings (and I needed to regenerate since I've been extra tired lately) but at about 7 am or so this morning the dog of the house started barking and wouldn't shut the hell up. One of these mornings I'm going to be tempted to grab a roll of my packing tape and permanently make that dog's mouth stay shut.

So what this means is that I'm a little tired, a little more unmotivated, and a lot grouchy this morning. I have a feeling this is going to be a really, really long day. Let's pray the dog stays quiet during the day so I can concentrate as I'm working from home today instead of trudging through the snow that Mother Nature finally dumped on us Minnesotans.

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