Monday, February 20, 2006

Rickey Smiley Isn't Funny

Rickey Smiley is not funny

Seriously. I just watched Rickey Smiley's comedy central special that I had recorded, since I dig stand up in most any form, and I don't think I actually laughed besides his opening joke about farting in leather pants.

Usually even a really bad comic will have one or two inspiring jokes that will have me chuckle a bit, but Smiley had not a damn thing funny in his entire set (other than the leather pants joke, like I said before). He tried racial comedy... didn't work. He tried using props... didn't work. He tried impersonations... didn't work. He tried musical comedy... didn't work. He just isn't funny. Hell, I think if I had a comedy central special it would be more funny. What a waste of a half an hour.

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