Thursday, March 16, 2006

How Do You Use Your Computer?

There are reasons why you should occasionally tune into QVC or other shopping networks--the comedic moments, such as this one where a caller tells the hosts exactly what he uses his Dell computer for. I'm glad that he can be open an honest about his computing uses.

As I watched this, I was also thinking about how funny videos on the internet are turning into the next version of email forwards. It's rare any more that I get a straight up forward that has a joke or funny story in it. Many times I'll still get forwards with funny pictures or links to funny pictures, but the majority of links and attachments that I receive in forwards or via instant messaging are for videos.

With broadband and sites like YouTube and Google Video, it's so easy to put whatever you want up on the internet. I've even thought of putting up some videos that I have on one of those two services just to get them out there (mainly the TV package that was done on me and blogging last year). It's interesting to see the shift in pointless forward content as the internet grows and morphs. I wonder how long it'll be before there are interactive forwards... or email clients embedded into our brains. That would be way more efficient than a Blackberry!

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