Monday, March 13, 2006

Moving On

Well, I can now officially let the cat out of the bag. I have accepted a new job! I will be working for a company out of Minneapolis, which I shall not name at the current moment considering I don't know their policies inside and out yet about what I can or cannot release. The last week of March will be the final week of my tenure at Kingland Systems.

There were a lot of reasons that I chose to move on, one of the main ones being the decision by the executives of Kingland to consolidate the Rochester office into their Clear Lake, Iowa office. I was not about to move to Clear Lake. It would be like a death sentence for my social life. Seriously, there would be absolutely nothing to do there.

I'd be hours from any major city with anything to do. Rochester is about an hour and a half from Clear Lake. Ames is like an hour and a half. Des Moines is around two. Minneapolis is about two. There would be nothing around within an hour's drive anywhere. Mason City would be close, but I wouldn't count that town as having anything to do.

Anyways, I will be moving out of the Rochester area to the Minneapolis area within the next couple of months. I need to find someplace to live before I can move, obviously. It should be an interesting search. So if new content starts to dry up, it's because I'm dealing with my final weeks of work, moving to a new city, packing my crap, and making the transition to a new position. Wish me luck!

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