Friday, March 10, 2006

Worst Program Ever

What the hell was I thinking trying to make doing taxes easier on myself this year by using a computer program instead of filling out the forms by hand? Who was I to think that I'd save time by doing it that way? What was I thinking when I imagined that interactive software was the way to go instead of messy figuring by hand? I was surely crazy.

Friend, I tell you this: do not ever waste your time using TurboTax. I make this statement not because of the way that the program works (because I couldn't even get the damn thing going), but because it won't let you use it period... at least for me on my year old computer.

Once I installed it I doubled clicked the pretty little icon it put on my desktop to start it. About a minute later it finally came up, but only to tell me I needed to check the web for updates. So I let it. It found some that it had to download and install so I let it go about its business doing that. As it tried to install the updates, however, it claimed TurboTax was open and needed to be closed when, in fact, it was not open and I had killed the program thread manually just to make sure.

Once it prompted me again to exit TurboTax, it simply threw an error message saying it was aborting the patch install. At this point I tried running the updater by itself, running TurboTax, restarting my computer, running my spyware scanner, restarting some more, running the updater and/or TurboTax as the only programs open... nothing would work. Crashes and errors were happening left and right.

After a solid hour of monkeying with this waste of hard drive space program, I uninstalled it, put the disc in its box, and made the decision to take it back on Monday. I don't care if it's already open. This pile of steaming cat feces isn't worth the $30 I paid for it, or any dollar amount for that matter.

I might give TaxCut a shot if I feel daring, but more than likely I'll stick to doing taxes by hand again this year. This is the first program to crash on my home computer. Everything else I've put on it runs perfectly.

So in conclusion, TurboTax sucks ass. Lots of ass. Lots and lots of ass.

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