Friday, March 10, 2006

Super Awesome Friday Fun!

It’s a Friday, and a beautiful one at that, so what do I have on my agenda for the evening?  Let me tell you!  Tons and tons of fun!

With tax time approaching I will be attempting to get them done this evening utilizing my recent purchase of TurboTax.  In the past I’ve filled out the tax forms manually, but I figure it’s about time I get some type of computer program where I can keep track of my tax stuff year to year in one consolidated place.  Hopefully it’s worth the $30 I paid for it.

After that I will start filling out my passport forms.  So much awesomeness will be had!  Who doesn’t love filling out forms?  Then next week I’ll turn them in and pay the bajillion dollars it costs to get a passport nowadays.  I talked to one of my managers today about it and he said it cost him under $50 to get one for a relative a couple of years ago.  As it is now it’ll probably cost me over $100 easy.

Once I get those two things done, the real fun begins.  Whatever time I have left over for the night, I will be spending playing video games, reading a book, and watching DVDs.  Yeah, that should be enjoyable, but by the time I’m done with the other two things it’ll already be close to my bed time.  Lame.  Being grown up sucks.

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