Monday, April 10, 2006

And I Thought I Wanted One Badly

How often have you said, "Man, I'd totally kill for that!" or something akin to it? I know I've done it on occassion. Heck, I probably said it when the Xbox 360 came out and I wanted one so bad, but the entire town of Rochester was sold out. Never did I imagine that people would actually kill for an Xbox. And from the story, it looks like the murderers were killing for a run of the mill Xbox, not the new hot commodity 360.

The story sounds more like something you'd find over at Pointless Waste of Time or on the Onion, but it is not satirical fiction. It's freakin' reality. What the hell has this world come to where four grown men will kill six women in order to get back an Xbox that, in all likelihood, is worth like $150 tops (you can buy a used Xbox for $130). I really can't fathom what in God's name was running through those guys' heads. I'm sure the conversation went something like this:

Victorino: Hey dudes, those beyotches totally have my Xbox and I needs my Halo fix NOW!

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: How'd the girls get it? Didn't you remember to grab it when you were bringing your stuff here?

Victorino: Man, I was working on reaching level 22 in the Rumble Pit ladder. This time away is going to knock me down. Dammit, I need to play!

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: So... how about we stop by there tonight and pick it up?

Victorino: Those idiot girls piss me off so much, man. Why they gotta be doin' this when they know I'll lose my guild spot. Dammit!

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: All right, tell you what, you don't even have to go over there. I'll just pick it up myself and you can wait here. Cool? I'll just go over there.

Victorino: God, I could kill for some Halo right now... wait, did you say go over there and kill the girls so we can steal my Xbox back?

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: What? No way, dude. Stop being dumb. I'm going to go pick it up myself. You don't even have to come. And what's this with killing?

Victorino: You're right! Cannon, Salas, grab some bats. It's time we go kill some chicks in the name of Halo!

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: What the hell? You are being ridiculous... oh, you grabbed my bat for me already? That was nice of you. Well, what the hell...

Victorino: That's the spirit. For Halo!!!

Cannon and Salas: HALO!!!

Hunter: For Halo!!!

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