Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Food Overload

So... much... eating... it's really one of the few problems that I have with business trips that I actually enjoy having. I've been in Chicago (and am still there) on business and my stomach is seriously reaching its processing limits. When you are visiting a town, you don't really have food you brought with you to whip up at your hotel room, and co-workers / clients always want to go out while you're in town, so you get filled up with tons and tons of quite wonderful food.

Of note, I went to the China Grill last night and was extremely impressed. The food was wonderfully exquisite, plentiful, and colorful. I think it might be one of the nicest restaurants I've been to, partially because there is nothing of the same calibre in Rochester and on the paltry salary that Kingland was paying me, I could not afford to go to any place as nice as the China Grill. Although, truth be told, I still don't think I could afford the China Grill and places of its ilk, but then again I'm going out to eat on business with co-workers that are much higher up the command chain, so I couldn't say no (that, and I think the company picked up the tab... I hope).

Now tonight for supper I ordered some yummy yummy Chicago styled pizza to my hotel room to eat while I do some document revisions for work. That's the other thing about business meetings--it's nice to meet with people and get objectives, project plans, schedules, and other things in line in person, but you end up getting so behind on the other work you have to do (and I have no shortage of things on my plate right now).

I'm going to be putting in more than a few extra miles the end of this week and weekend when I get back home to offset all of the food intake from this half of the week. But it sure as heck is nice to get to experience all the different restaurants and styles of cuisine while in town since it doesn't happen all that often.

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