Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moving Woes

Here's a short list of why I haven't posted lately and why it'll probably be sparse for a little while going forward:

--I moved this weekend and the house was totally uncleaned so my roommate and myself have had to clean it head to toe.
--I had to travel to Iowa yesterday for work.
--I visited Kristin and had a bachelor party over the weekend.
--I have no internet at my new house because the landlord hasn't been around to get it switched over.
--I'm still not unpacked because I had to clean the damn house first.
--I've been taking care of all the little things that come with moving.
--One of our business partners at work (that I work directly with) totally sucks and can't get anything they develop to work right for us, making my life hell and requiring me to work long hours on their screw-ups.

There are many other reasons, but those are the main ones. I'm tired. I haven't had a minute to rest in the last 2 weeks.

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