Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stupid Half Assed Compatibility

Thank you Microsoft for following through on your promise of backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360 with the original Xbox games. I know that not everything from the Xbox is going to be playable on the 360, and there's a list that shows you what games are supposed to work, but I just wish MS would dedicate more resources to getting more original Xbox games to work on the 360.

I picked up Blitz: The League so that I'd have a fun, no rules, beat the hell out of each other multiplayer game to play when my brother Ryan would come visit and for when I get moved in with the guys here in a little over a week. I remember playing the original Blitz (at least the original Dreamcast version) with my brothers so often that I'm surprised we didn't burn out the Dreamcast on that game.

When Blitz changed over to trying to be a serious, simulation style game, I gave up on it, but once I found out that it was going back to its roots and read a few glowing reviews, I knew I had to have it. But I can't play it because Microsoft hasn't updated the 360 software to emulate it yet. Sucktasm. Call me unhappy. Go get to work on making my games run, you bunch of sad sacks!

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