Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is Why Teachers Aren't Paid More

So a teacher lost part of his hand and got some shrapnel in him after a bullet exploded in his hand as he was teaching class. There are so many things wrong with the whole situation that I don't even know where I should begin.

First, who the hell keeps live ammo sitting around on his or her desk? Sure, he might have found it on a hunting trip and "thought" it wasn't live, but how could it not be live if the shell still had the bullet on the top of it fully intact? He's a hunter, from what the story says, so he should know that when a bullet is still, you know, attached to the shell then there is probably a good chance the gunpowder is still inside the shell, making the piece of ammo live.

Second, he's a teacher. Why would he even have supposedly inactive ammunition in his classroom? The last thing our schools need is teachers having paraphernalia lying around that reminds kids that tools of violence aren't that far out of reach. Let's not have any focus on violent items in school by the staff, ok? Please... just for me? We really don't need any more school violence incidents than are already happening.

Third, what in name of Charleton Heston is this teacher doing trying to squash a bug with a piece of ammunition? What causes a bullet to fire again? Oh yeah, an impact to the flat end of the shell opposite the slug. Sure it's usually done with a small firing pin, but with enough force why wouldn't the shell be able to be set off by any run of the mill village idiot?

There is no wonder our kids are not getting proper educations with ass clowns like this guy teaching them. I'm sure that while he was exploding his hands he was informing the children that dinosaur bones were actually Jesus horses and that the four basic elements found in nature are fire, water, earth, and wood. Moron.

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